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Josh Butchart has been running the department since 2013. Mr B, as the students call him, came to the Woodinville High School Theatre Company after teaching for 7 years at Beverly Hills High School. He holds a Masters degree in Educational Leadership and Policy as well as his Educational Leadership / Principal credential from the University of Washington. He truly is a master of the theater, and has teamed up with students, production staff and parents to create exceptional productions for the Woodinville High School Theatre Company. He elevated the Company to new heights with recent productions such as Romeo and Juliet, The Crucible, The Visit, Les Mis, Mamma Mia!, for which he received the 5th Ave Award for Best Scenic Design in June of 2019, and most recently Bright Star.

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The mission of the Woodinville High School Theatre Company is to provide a safe place for all WHS students to participate in cultural learning and creative expression by honing their acting, musical and technical theatre skills. We utilize rigorous course work, live performances and hands-on skills learning to bring high-quality productions to the community at large.

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The WHSTC is committed to empowering the students of WHS; believing in their ability to create art, and offering a safe, supportive, and inclusive place for them to develop into lifelong learners and just citizens.

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We believe in the power of theatre

We believe our work should be inspiring, engaging, and full of compassion, joy, humor and wisdom.


We are dedicated to excellence

We strive for professionalism and outstanding artistry in all our efforts.


We believe in the educational power of the arts

We believe the arts are central to learning and that they challenge, enlighten and enchant.


We respect and embrace the uniqueness of all young people

We strive to foster creativity, imagination and independent thinking; we look to assist our students as they face life’s challenges and discover themselves and their place in this world.


We provide a supportive, nurturing, safe environment for all who pass through our doors

We treat everyone with equal respect, courtesy and care.


We are dedicated to financial strength

We believe continued financial strength is paramount to our continued success.


We value the passion and commitment of staff and volunteers

We strive to support and nurture our staff and volunteers throughout all aspects of our organization.


We value our community

We create in order to offer high-quality entertainment, an escape from the everyday life and a celebration of our community

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